(Totally insane roblox 'port' concept) Looking for opinions and 'interest'

Hey guys I tried to mod C:DDA like a couple months ago with nil experience and recognized I was in well over my head with the projects I tried to set out for. Now I’m currently learning LUA (specifically in ROBLOX since it’s so dang easy there). However I’m def a slow learner when it comes to memorization. Since coding has a LOT of that it’s taking me a while to get anywhere.

Introduction aside, after I get rolling on my current project in ROBLOX I was thinking about possibly working (on the side) on porting C:DDA into ROBLOX.
This won’t be anytime soon, probably a year away at the minimum before I come back to this topic with any kind of seriousness. But I want opinions on this idea from the community. Thanks for your time! (I really love C:DDA and porting it, even only the bare minimum of mechanics, would help to bring more people into the community which would in turn help the core game grow probably)

Forgot to add this part. It won’t be a 1:1 port, it’ll be a port from the current C:DDA 2D into a 3D ROBLOX version (It will/would not be LIVE [unless something changes] it would be turn based)

I suggest you to start working on your port and make an announcement when you have somewhat functional demo.


Oh man, it’s gonna be a while. Since my plan for the so-called ‘port’ is absolutely not a port lmao. I do have some questions that I’ll drop on this thread, once I am sure of how to formulate the questions that is lol.

I have a potentially ridiculous idea that may be completely worthless. Feat:MyLackOfKnowledge.

So I’m currently using plain models to frame what I want to use as the tile system. Using octogons that are phased halfway together rather than using squares. I feel like if I go this far I may as well not make it turn based buuut. I want to push the envelope a little bit. Any opinions?

Alright so I think I’ve got what I want conceptualized properly in my mind for what I just mention above, I’m gonna try to code it. Emphasis on the ‘try’.

Be back in like… a week at the least