Kind of like a relatively rare but destructive weather event that could optionally be turned off

Could be natures way of giving you Airborne bears :frowning: But yeah the idea sounds like a good one, could really mess people up if they were settled in, prob scatter all their items across a whole town. Well and maybe throw the player into a swamp or something. FUN :smiley:

Why end there? Hurricanes in ‘coast’ tiles, halestorms in winter (pick-up-able, more useful during acid halestorms which don’t burn on impact, but can be melted to acid), nuclear fallout storms (some iodine is enough to prevent damage, iodine can be made from something natural, can mutate creatures), giant monster natural events (wanders off if left alone, doesn’t die though if more natural). I had suggested a Godzilla monster, shows up as two 2x2s on the landscape or bigger. Could go even further and you can watch it rise layer by layer from a body of water, or hit the road if you’re smart. Halestorms could smash windows and damage cars too.