Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!

I’ve always gotten wheat…

Do fish traps work outside of reality bubble?
Which skill is used for catch chance calculation, survival or devices?

so far from my experiments it looks like traps doesn’t work outside of RB: i had like ~10 trap attempts, each time i return in 3h to find trap inactive, all charges depleted and no fish caught. i did 1 attempt when i returned in 2h & waited 1h near trap, got 2 fishes caught. survival 6, devices 1
is it a bug or just my bad luck?

it depends on survival. With 6 traps and survival 8 I still on average only get one catch every 6-9 hours.

i did some more testing with fish traps: placed one trap & waited 3h next to it. with survival 6, all 5 attempts were successful, each time i got 1-2 fish caught.
repeated same, but moved to leave trap outside RB: no catch at all.
both cases are in same spot, with fishes in sight.
so i guess it’s really a bug

1-2 caught each time? :open_mouth:

Which version are you playing?

latest experimental

it’s also aligns with a research someone done on reddit a year ago

Interesting. I’m also on experimental (early march) and as stated, I get barely one catch every 9h with survival 8 and 6 traps. Maybe you are placing traps in a fishery area (area with large population of local fish)? Then the catch is guaranteed, but you will deplete the area.

yes, i’m placing traps in “fishy” area, with several fishes visible.
if i babysit the trap, i get guaranteed catch, if i leave it out of RB no catch at all

Interesting. There seemed to be no discrepancy with the catch while I was in RB and while I was out.

when you’re trading with the hub, hub coins can be bought and sold for a flat price in dollars (i think its 50?), meaning you can use them instead of actual currency, as something you can take with you and keep on your person to use at other trading places.

to ‘use’ the coin, you trade with the hub and ‘sell’ them the coin, this gives you a $50 credit with the hub, that you can then use to buy whatever you’d want with the value of the coin.

alternatively, if you sell the hub a bunch of items and they owe you money, you can ‘buy’ hub coins in order to use them as currency elsewhere. the same goes for the other ‘currency’ type items.


Ah I see thanks a lot for the reply. The actual value seems quite low for that purpose really, considering you can happen across a group of dead soldiers and have 10k worth of credit to sell them. Even a cellphone is worth more from what I remember.

They must be planning for it to be used for access to more specific items as it seems a bit redundant at present.

yeh no problem.
to be fair, they have limited supply, you have limited carrying weight, so while you can have a stockpile of thousands to sell them, they wont actually take it unless they can give you something in return, hence the coins.

We don’t really have any plans for the various currencies (Merch, Flatcoins, Hub Coins, etc). And arguably, they’re too large in value, not too small. $50 is not a convenient purchase inside of the Hub, which means even inside the Hub they have to do a bit of barter to round out their trades. Which kind of makes the currency not too useful, but Melchior is not really that good at practical economics.

Ehm, what deal is about NPC with rabbits quest line? When I give him resources (various berries) he says that he will give me 1$ per batch for total x but he gives me bunch of fur pelts (well good for me, can prepare for winter).
*but I need to click through these drop messages
*well not a quest line, but repeat task?
*60blueberries for 500 fur pelts?

you can think of it like… he breeds rabbits, for food or just because he wants to

… rabbits eventually die, so he likely has tons of rabbit meat and fur

but you cant feed rabbit to rabbits… so he asks you to bring him blueberries so he can feed his rabbits, and in return you get some fur pelts. that’s all there is to it really.


Well, my confusion wasn’t about a type of reward but amount. Isn’t 500 pelts for 60 berries a little too much?
Edit: To be fair, I didn’t check volume/weight of items and we can say that food is more valuable than materials.

does launcher not work only for me?
i’m getting “error parsing changelog data” error since last week or so.
the URL launcher tries to get changelogs is “” and it indeed timeouts for me all the time.
i’ve tried it from different devices: desktop, laptop via vpn, phone via LTE. same result, so it doesn’t look like pc or ISP issue

its not a you issue, its a them issue, give it a bit and try again later

Is there any way to use radio equipment (e.g. Radio (off) - Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead ) to help locate nearest radio tower? (I desperately need some more solder and amplifiers…)

I don’t believe so. The radio towers don’t have any power anymore, so they won’t transmit any signals you could track.
Any signals present would either come from special facilities that somehow still have power, or humans who probably are using hand held radios (although given that the base camp can set up and use a radio tower, other factions presumably could as well).

A radio direction finder isn’t a terribly complicated device, so it would make sense that a PC with decent electronics skills could make one, but it would only make sense to introduce it into the game if the game also provided some use for it, i.e. active radio sources that could be located.