Tip of the Day: suggestions

Here’s a few good ones:
“If you see a zombie grenadier fall in battle, run for your life!”
(clears up confusion about non-intuitive game mechanics)
“That gas mask is useless unless you activate the filter.”
“Doors make great temporary roadblocks when you need to make a quick getaway.”
“Can’t find a room to spend the night? Sleep in the seat of a car. Even better, add a blanket and pillow.”
“Remember, zombies chasing you are dumb. Use terrain to your advantage, it can save your life.”
“A zombie with it’s brain intact can come back to haunt you. Never forget to smash their heads.”

Actually you have to smash the corpse, not just the head. These are blob-animated zombies, not romero zombies.

Also some zombies are smarter than others and will try to avoid inconvenient terrain if possible. (Common ones are runners)

Understood, but there’s really no game mechanic difference between smashing the corpse or the head. I was trying to word it in a way that would still convey the action you should take without going out of character. I suppose it could be reworded though.
“An intact zombie can come back to haunt you. Never forget to smash them to a pulp.”

Yes some zombies are smarter and try and avoid terrain, but the tip is designed to get new players to think about the terrain around them, and use it to their advantage in battle instead of the terrain working against them. If there’s a better way to word that, I’m open to suggestions. Something like, “Terrain can turn the tide of a battle, make sure you use it against your enemies, lest it be used against you.”

“even when rotten, you can still ferment Juice and milk into something useful.”

Hungrier, than usual? Natural oils can help.

A screwdriver a day keeps the scurvy away!

(from own experience)

Don’t get caught with your pants down - There’s no toilet paper anymore anyway.

“I hear there’s strange berries around I hear they are rather filling for their size.”

Referring to the marloss berries, seed, and gelatin that come from the mushrooms.

“Be wary of anything deeper than your average basement.” (i.e. labs + mines)

Why is a mine or lab so bad?
I don’t have much trouble with them for the most part.

They still do contain dangers that need a little preparing

Second batch: https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/26354
Everything not fit for “tip of the day” went in to “hints”.

I’ll also soon add a way for common NPC companions to give hints: https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/26357 (but this will be done after pending changes to NPC talk get merged)

“if your hammer is your nail you will miss”
“you may not need that flashlight but your soldering iron does”
“distance is the greatest armor”
“learning to swim takes a puddle not an ocean”
“if it doesn’t like you it’s as dangerous as any other”
“some doors open with a push other a very big fast push”
“noise is ok the things that follow aren’t”
“speed is more important than stealth”
“if you hear what you can’t see run”
“the dead walk what’s one more?”
“if it hurts to do you probably won’t finish”
“noise is your friend trip him and hope they don’t chase you”
“ten bags hold a lot weight is harder to bear than volume”
“the biggest bear is better a full building behind you”
“money is nice supplies are better”
“if you can get in so can they”
“if you can get out so can they”
“if they are scared you should be”
“if you hear talking it’s more dangerous than a monster”
“a man without a weapon will find one against him”
“cars can be safe until they aren’t your life is more valuable”
“if it’s cold put everything on”
“fire does more to the forest than to your cold body”
“beds are just bags of blankets change my mind”
“there is no law left find your own keys”
“if one building makes more sound than you go away”
“if something looks odd expect it to be”

“Bows and arrows are easy to make, nearly silent, and deadly in skilled hands. Consider getting started on the skilled part.”

“Laser weapons can shoot through glass without breaking it.”


“The most profound thought is one forgotten. And its usually the thought that could have saved your life.”

“Don’t waste your time writing one liners. I did, and now all I have to eat is this pen.”

“The internet may be gone that doesn’t mean the fun has to be too. Become a Turkey Puncher today. Punch every single one you can find.”

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o_o Was that . . . That’s a doom reference?

Aw, apparently it’s in the new doom, too. It was cooler when I thought you were referencing something from like 12 years ago.

I was thinking of Doom three. Haven’t even played the New Doom :stuck_out_tongue:

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