Timed LUA callbacks (if low impact)

I was wondering, if it has been considered to add more LUA callbacks than the ones triggered at new player creation and new days. I know CIB mentioned it might be possible to have a per-turn callback, but I’m not sure on how that would impact performance. Maybe a per-minute and per hour? It doesn’t look that difficult to add them; would I put in a PR for such a thing, or is it proper to discuss here first?

Impact would need testing. Wouldn’t be noticeable during normal play, but could be noticeable while sleeping and maybe also crafting.

Per-minute would be safe.

That’s about what I figured, per-turn would be overload anyways. How hard would it be to get a per-minute in? Should I make a PR for that? I’m sorta new to the whole github system.

Ok, I’ve gone and put in a PR for it. I’ve given up and trying to compile this under VS2015 on windows, having not used VS in a decade. I think I’ll have to make a virtual linux box for further work…