TILES and SDLTILES builds diff

What difference between TILES and SDLTILES defines?

Guess this is can be useful on Windows build.
CURSES=draw text by Windows draw system(i don’t know name).
SDLTILES=draw text by SDL, not use tiles.
TILES=draw text and tiles by SDL.

But SDLTILES behavior can be reached simple by disabling “Use tiles” option in TILES build

Should SDLTILES build flag be purged?

I’ve only seen CURSES in src/CMakeLists.txt. Curses build is built if TILES isn’t defined, explicitly invoking make CURSES=1 will not do anything.

Pretty sure TILES implies SDLTILES. If this is the case, they could probably be merged.
Running a simple search+replace would probably be enough.

Still, SDLTILES is an internal flag, not listed in the makefile or compiling guides, so it’s relatively low priority.

Yeah, merging them, good idea, someone should do it, cough https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/13235 (-;

A SDL-build without tiles isn’t that much different from a SDL-build with tiles. The only hard requirements that tiles had was SDL_image with PNG support, but this was also required for loading bitmaps as font (like Dwarf Fortress tilesets http://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/Tileset_repository). And SDL_image was listed as requirement anyway. In fact, the Makefiles makes no difference between SDLTILES and TILES, only some C++ code makes a difference.

It would also require more special code to handle more build variations.

In short: I believe there is not much gain of having a SDL-build without tiles.