Console vs Graphical

I’m sorry if I’m missing something stupidly obvious or posting where someone else has (Only did a quick look around), but what is the difference between Console and Graphical? The obvious thing I’d think is one has tilesets and the other doesn’t, but I still have to disable tiles after I download Console. Are there any differences at all?

Console I think work better on older computers. [i]I think.

If that’s the case then it’s just better optimized? I guess that makes sence

As far as I know, Graphical can act strangely at times, partly due to the fairly recent move to SDL2. But yeah, the most noticable difference between them is one has titlesets (and sound support) and the other does not.

The technical difference is that the Console version uses Curses for all of it’s rendering and the Graphical version uses SDL2. This means that only Graphical will support tile sets (obviously) and that generally Console will run slightly faster on Linux/Mac while Graphical will run slightly faster on Windows.

Thank you all for the responses and thank you for the help, I’m all good and understanding now Thumbs up