Through the wall with pickaxe makes a pit? Pit makes hurt

pickaxe+concrete wall = rebar cage
rebar cage = easy to break = deep pit = fall in pit and tear yourself a new one ???

Playing experimental 2021-07-17-0943 (update from 2 weeks ago):

I was trying to get into the lab with pickaxe through concrete wall (just trying to be polite and knock before entering, instead of using the sneaky torch) - which made ‘rebar cage’ appear in place of the wall.
So, OK, that’s logical - there is rebar in real-life concrete.
But then regular Zeds, on one occasion, and myself, on other occasion, knocked that rebar right off with one hit (I was weilding lucerne hammer at that time), and I decided that it was an invitation for me to swiftly enter - so I did, without looking… and fell into the pit and broke my favourite backpack, among other bones :frowning:

So, is that normal for:
a) rebar cage to be so flimsy (I thought you needed a hacksaw)
b) make deep pit underneath the rebar once it’s broken ← this one bugs me most of all, since I assumed only the wall would be broken, while the floor would be left untouched.

As for a): The rebar cage tile requires a minimum smashing strength of 20 to have a chance of breaking, and a strength of 100 guarantee to smash it apart in one hit.
The lucerne hammer you state you’ve wielded has a bashing power of 44 (even the cheap imitation one would still provide 22 bashing power), which easily surpasses the 20 minimum required to smash the rebar cage on its own. This means the real lucerne hammer provides almost as much bashing power as a sledge hammer (50), which seems logical to provide enough power to smash a rebar cage apart.

As for b): I understand why this seems weird, and I was tempted more than once to make a pull request which would leave a concrete floor behind (“rough”, with rebar sticking out of it).
However, the game basically goes backwards through all the construction steps, which would explain what’s happening; (deep) pitrebar cageconcrete wall turns into concrete wallrebar cage → (deep) pit once you destroy it.

Thank you!

…Another two things just to accept and memorise.

I never had to construct concrete walls in-game, so would never have guessed where the deep pit is coming from in that equation. If that was floor - yes, but not the wall !

Well, it makes sense that if you pour a concrete wall, you usually also pour its foundation… But yes, it’s a bit confusing.

remember you can use a plank to make a passage in a pit! I myself just learned that recently.

Plank? There is a way to make a plank? Pirate: “Walk the plank, matey!”? How?
I had to make a ‘vehicle with a floor’ and drag it over the pit… I guess that’s kind of the same way you might make bridges between buildings?

Have a plank in your inventory/wielded/nearby and examine the pit to cover it with the plank.
Although it’s probably a bad idea to do this while fighting a monster…

The vehicle with a floor works well for both, but you can’t “plank the gap” between buildings, that only works for (deep) pits.