The question about mutagens: the choice between a mollusk, madic and an arachnid

||I’ll warn you right away MAGYCLISM is active, as is a crazy cataclysm. the aftershock is inactive|| And so, you need to get right to the point. My character is a militant laboratory robber (I can afford it absolutely without losing anything except time, I manage in 1 day), Indian Jones himself will envy me. But there is a huge problem: monsters evolve, and I need to do the same. I am in the process of finding the bionics I need, most of which I have already installed on myself, so I fixed my eyes on mutagens. my character has “good genes”. from the options I took a molusk, an arachnid and a medic (unless of course he was cut out of the game).

• the world in which I appeared is very. VERY much covered with water, I am very surprised by how much. Therefore, I considered the option of a clam for an easier existence under and above water.

•Small (inclusive)(I don’t care about a predator, my main type of food is killing and eating everything I can find) cons and very good adaptability (although small, but armor for the whole body, which strongly binds the character, perfect night vision, the ability to create a spider nest anywhere (even in a clearing or forest), which not only gives you a good night’s lodging, but also protects you from prying eyes, and if you are weak-allows you to escape). I was very lucky to find a bunch of spider mutagen, so I’m considering this option too.

• medic. this is mainly due to the fact that, unlike arachnid and moluska, it carries minimal (hah) disadvantages for the body, no adjustment of the personal wardrobe, in turn, strong bonuses to regeneration, almost indestructibility even.
Sooo, whats better to choise?

basically, in my past walkthroughs, I chose the arachnid, he is very good for you if you are a nomadic wandering tramp who fears for his life more than for something else. well, or if you adore sleeping in a protected spider cocoon, and this is a rare pleasure in fact. but I’m interested in everyone’s opinion. You can say I’m asking directly: which is better, a molusk, an arachnid or a medic?

So I tried medic. I feel like something is janky about it. My experience was that with robust genetics I received ever lower level negative mutations, was unable to pass threshold for some reason (I think it’s because I had the imperceptive healer perk), and when I tried to reverse course and used a bunch of purifer it only removed the good traits. I used a lot of purifier and catalyst over the course of days.

I think there’s a bug where if a mutation can be a trait then it can’t be removed considering it would rapidly remove Very Disease Resistant, but refused to touch stuff like Chemical Imbalance and Addictive personality.

Could be that I’m wrong, but something in the new mutation system feels jank. So use at your own risk.

honestly, I tried to drink the mutagen of the spider by resetting the preservation, almost every time it gives me a carnivore and a fear of light, chitin evolves INCREDIBLY fast, I decided to drop the medic because of his problems that will be stronger, and now I’m rushing between the spider because of its adaptability and no debuffs to speed and molusk, because of the ability to swim well and be silent. my build is speed and damage, so I do not know what to take

Bird. Super fast. And quickness functionally equals damage.

But bird have super big problems with HP and armor, thats not problem. But i dont want to fie from 1 pistolet buller

Its a balancing game - If you want to be tougher, you’ll have to give up some speed or damage potential.

I already have big damage, good armor but I can’t live somewhere other than in a house/tent, which the web can’t help with, and my whole world is flooded, so having a clam might be nice too