Thanks RNG

So, using experiemental build coded “900f26d” I booted up a Mall cop spawn scenario. First thing that happens, game informs me that the spawn scenario cannot be intiated “Okay, that’s fine” I say to myself, and accept that I’ll be starting in the middle of a forest.

Pulled up the map and saw about 20 blocks NE of my initial spawn area is a farm, about 10 blocks SW on the map from he farm is a strange temple, and 15 blocks N-NW from the temple was a Fungal Tower. From my spawn point, approximately 10 blocks E was a military outpost, about 14 blocks S-SW of the military outpost was a lab.

I try to make a bee-line for the lab to see if I could find any conviently placed scientist corpses around the structure and follow the road back towards the nearest town.

On my way to be a good samairtan with an NPC, I approach him only to find that he’s less than friendly, I co-operate with him until he takes my taser. Armed with only my fists to his composite bow I begin to pummel him to death for robbing me.

I guess his grunts of pain alerted the horde because they started spawning in earnest, but still escapable amounts. perhaps two or three within a 5 block radius on the map.

But as I get closer to the town the amount steadily increases, however once I get within the town things get interesting in a hurry, here’s my current predicament:

I’m looking at up to 11 hordes waiting to swarm and overwhelm me, I don’t have any idea about where a potential base is (looking for an Evac shelter on the outskirts of town) and have a very limited inventory, all I have is a dead tazer(as when I spawned in the scenario), an expandable baton, composite bow(with 2 wooden arrows left), plenty of food and water for a long trek if needed, but little else.
So kudos RNG, I doubt I’ll survive for much longer with such an imminent threat.

Ugh. I had something similar happen to me. Was doing the Infected start, had managed to treat my injury with an First Aid kit, and had even managed to acquire some decent living supplies and found a Refugee Center. But as I was exploring, I started noticing more and more horde spawn points popping up. Apparently, I spawned in the middle of about four massive cities. And, lucky me, all of them decided to meander in my direction. I basically had solid walls of green closing in from the north, west, and east, with further hordes a little ways out to the south.

Suffice it to say, I didn’t make it to nightfall. Although I did pull off a nice “taking you with me moment” by pulling the pins on a couple incendiary grenades I had found and dropping them at my feet before they could finish me off.

Still, I usually don’t see hordes behave quite like that unless they’ve been alerted by a noise. Guess I must’ve just had bad luck.

(Unrelated note: Does the “Recovering from Infection” status go away eventually when you use a first aid kit to cure an infected wound? It seems like it takes much, much longer than treating it with antibiotics.)

It will, yeah, though the time needed is higher by a factor (of two I think, been a while since I looked at it though). The time spent is also related to how long you were infected for, so the sooner you get yourself treated the sooner the recovering status wears off.

Teach the mall cop Eskrima (Melee Weapons Training trait), start with a point in Unarmed, (maybe one in Dodge, too), snap open your baton and don’t look back. :wink: