Terminal Version is missing. Very poor performance

Is it possible to download Terminal Version of Cataclysm? The performance of Windows-Tiles and Windows_x64-Tiles is terrible. Driving is almost impossible due to lagging. I do not use any tiles while using Windows-Tiles version, although it does not help at all. Problems with performance have appeared a long time ago when sidebar options (classic, compact, label) have started to be a thing

If you’re on 0.D stable, the curses version is still available.

The reason we stopped making them for experimental is that the curses version is vastly slower than the tiles version with tiles off, on the Windows platform. Your performance problems at this point are almost certainly not related to curses versus tiles, given that it’s provable that for a very long time the curses version is slower than the tiles version.

There just isn’t a competent native terminal solution to use on windows, so we really honestly do not have anything better.

Thanks for the answer. It is soooo irritating due to the fact that older versions’ performance was ‘razor sharp’. Suddenly, problems have appeared and I do not know why

We have an awful lot of moving parts in experimental that has resulted in some performance bottlenecks rearing their head that previously were not obvious.

There’s a lot of active work on improving performance, and if you think you’re getting an unusually slow result, you can always submit your save file here and someone might be in a position to try to see what’s going on.

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There were never a prebuilt Curses version for Windows. You should compile one by yourself (via MSYS2, Cygwin or MinGW) or just use tiles version and disable tiles in options menu.

You can also try compiling non-Tiles version under VS and see how terrible it is (it is not really Curses version, but some kind of emulation).

You should also know that there are a few performance related graphic options in settings which you should try: renderer, acceleration, etc.

Try changing them and use rendering test in debug menu to see which option values are best on your system.

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