Tables have no roof

Just noticed when exploring a mansion while raining. As the title says, rain drops were falling over all the tables inside.

Huh, that bug is still there. That bug has been there FOREVER. At least ever since I started playing cataclysm. And that was a long time ago. [size=8pt](I think almost a year? IDK haven’t kept track, terrible memory)[/size]
[right]Sincerely, [/right]

Funny thing is, I could swear I read somewhere this was already fixed. That’s why I was puzzled when I saw all that rain over the tables.

well, I saw this in vanilla cataclysm. In weather.cpp we have two subroutines which define applying weather penalties. These are:


They all cast PLAYER_OUTSIDE macro which is defined in this way:

As we can see, this macro calls is_outside method for map instance. Let us have a look at it at map.cpp:

bool map::is_outside(const int x, const int y)
if(!INBOUNDS(x, y))
return true;

return outside_cache[x][y];
I am not sure about INBOUNDS macro but map::build_outside_cache subroutine defines that outside_cache bool array. Soo…

If you’re standing on floor, rock floor, wax floor, fema groundsheet, dirt floor, bed, makeshift bed, groundsheet you’re protected from weather effects. Otherwise expect ‘wet’ penalties.
Actually I find this mechanism to be strange.

The zlevel revamp will fix this.

So you’re going to revrite z-level code completely, am I right? If so, make plz a thread about it.

Shades is well into the process of doing it, he’s already laid all the groundwork down for it. He has a thread in the modding subforum I think.