Sustainable static food source

What do you do for food with a static base? Normally I play nomads and loot all the cities but recently I’ve been trying to stay in one place and the main problem I have is food. Setting up near a forest gives some food from animals but often not enough to survive. Even with a vehicle to loot the surrounding cities you would eventually run out of cities within a reasonable distance. Is it really viable to live in a non-mobile base?

Farming at high survival levels gives tons of food.

Wandering NPCs turned to aspic/jerky/dehydrated/smoked.

Marloss berry found at fungal blooms and marloss seeds found at fungal flowers give an unlimited supply of food and water once you get the required mutation from them.

I found that with the recent-ish update that made mobs attack eachother swamps have become this big cornucopia of food fighting to get in your mouth. By the time that food has run out you could’ve built a multi-screen wide farm with just a digging stick.

For static spawn, that is. (not sure if swamps still spawn stuff).

Fishing/ fish traps. As long as you have bait you won’t ever run out. Combine it with even the output of a small buckwheat farm from seeds you’ve scavenged from plants foraging and you’re set by the time you run out of meat nearby. Even rotten stuff can be turned into jerky that is edible too. Which is easy if you can find a swamp for salt.

Jerky is the main reason you get cooking 3 as soon as possible. owo

Last time I settled down in a sewage treatment plant, it was a short walk to an anthill. Boiling the bad water took care of my thirst needs and I lived off ant meat. Wore their chitin for armour. Never went near enough to get surrounded by ANNNNTS and it worked out nicely! Eventually built a car to loot and return home in, to maintain a semi-stationary life.

Look for ants or triffids