Support the game button broken

the “support cataclysm” button is broken on the main page, is there a way i can help support the game, patron?

Honestly the best way to support the game is probably through the bounty system. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the issues list on the github.
  2. Find something that looks interesting, or that you feel should go into the game.
  3. Click on the issue, and on the bottom of the first post you should see a link that says either “post a bounty on this issue” or “there is a $X open bounty on this issue”. Click it, and add to the bounty there.

Then we get the satisfaction of completing earning a little money for helping the game, you get the satisfaction for having helped out with the overall development of the game, and everybody gets an awesome new feature or bug fix a little bit sooner than they would have normally! (And if you can’t find anything that looks good enough for you to want to stick money up for it, then you can always feel free to chuck into one of the already existing Z-levels issues bounties.)

so what you are saying is that if we wanted something like multiplayer we should start a thread in git hub and shamelessly promote the bounty until there is enough of a financial incentive to get it made?

You are quite correct, as long as the feature is reasonable (aka not against the wishes of the devs)

Multiplayer will be a hard nut, even with money backing though. (and imo z-levels are more important)

Yeah, if it’s a brand new suggestion it’s probably better to bounce it around here first to see if it’s even something we want in the game. Beyond that though, that’s basically what you would do, yeah. (Though honestly I’d put multiplayer as a goal that’s even farther than Z-levels, unless you count the strange “multiple players that can’t interact simultaneously playing on the same server map” thing that we already have).