Super simple json question

In classes.json, things like skill bonuses and stat bonuses are often listed as:

"rng" : [ -2, 0 ]

I understand this to mean that the bonus is a range from -2 to 0.

However, they also sometimes are listed as

"one_in" : 4 

What the heck does this second version mean?

Also, related, is the “dice” : [x , y] code working as I think? Like does “dice” : [1, 6] roll 1 six sided die, or [3, 2] roll 3 two sided dice?

Is there a manual for this stuff somewhere?

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“one_in”: 4 means there is a 1 in 4 chance of something happening.
You’ve got the dice convention correct as far as I know.
To the extent that things are documented, they’re documented in the doc/ folder.

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