Suggest Autosave pause or warning, and possible other tweaks

Suggest that when autosave is about to happen that the game “pause” like when you see a zombie in safe mode - with some yellow text and keystroke to proceed. This will help avoid mishaps like extra key spam and serve as a warning for the save, since the save takes a few moments (even with SSD).

I’d also suggest ensuring that when autosave is on that if either turns or time pass to trigger an autosave, that both of those counters reset, so that one doesn’t get too many autosave disruptions. I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work or how it is working but I swear I get too many saves going on with autosave enabled and have to kick up the turns/time higher than I really want to keep the frequency reasonable.

Lastly, and somewhat related, I’d suggest rebinding “ignore enemy” to “q” since the single quote is not convenient no matter how you roll (I have right hand on numpad and left hand near WASD (or (ex)xamine, (s)mash, (B)utcher, (g)rab. Safe mode can be insanity inducing even with a convenient ignore key. Anyways. This also frees up single quote to be used for the normally unbound quicksave function. I’ve had enough crashes in stable (alt tabbing out of full screen win7 64) and more in experimental that saving of some kind has to happen regularly to avoid progress loss.

I always use spacebar for ignore enemy, it’s way too common a keystroke for anything hard to reach or requiring the shift key.

I like the idea of autosaves triggerring safe mode.

Anyone with a less-than-stellar keyboard has probably experienced some whoopsies when reflexively assuming that a dropped keystroke was a hardware miss and not a software delay. My keyboard is quite good but I still have that problem.