Strength or Dex?

Ok, I’ve been running some tests to try and work out whether to invest more heavily in strength or dexterity.

As far as I can tell, str is important for having a decent amount of HP, but its impact on damage output is actually pretty minimal. I’ve not been able to work out why, for example, it’s so important to have high str when using a sledgehammer.

Dex, on the other hand, affects dodging, and accuracy - the the point that it’s very hard to miss with high dex. It just seems to be the ideal choice for any melee style, assuming the player has enough str to guarantee a moderate health pool and some carrying capacity. On top of that, it makes ranged combat easier.

Can anyone correct me on this, or offer any more insights into the effects of dex and str?

High strength characters lose blades less often, so characters with a katana benefit greatly.

Make that “any Cutting Weapons character”. Characters with a broadsword or machete also benefit greatly from at least 11 ST. I’ve never found a katana.

If you’re using Taekwondo, I think ST 13 or so is the most you’ll benefit from for the blocking bonus. Likewise, Hooves can theoretically benefit from ST 14 but in practice 13 is good enough; anything more than 14 and you’ll hit the damage cap.

Any ranged-weapon users around?

Yeah. Dex is damn invaluable-- and you don’t need as much of it compared to strength for melee. Throwing bonus, gun bonus-- and hell, melee to hit bonus as well. So much more useful. I function perfectly fine with about 10 dex, pushing it up even further would be a bit overkill I think.

My tests show the exact opposite - you fare much better in combat with high dex than high str.

I’d opt for higher than 10 dex if at all possible.

Sorry, I meant in comparison-- a higher dex gives you more options than a high str.

Not to mention the dodge, throwing and ranged bonus is awesome.

The added benefits of extra strength will rarely ever come into play if you don’t use cutting/piercing weapons. It’s rather difficult (at least in my experience) to overburden yourself with heavy items, and the damage related benefits of strength can be compensated by combat skill alone. In the end, about 10 strength is all you really need to carry most of what you want and reliably strike most enemies without losing your edged weapon. Also carry around extra spears just in case. They are very good melee weapons and dastardly throwing weapons.

I also noticed that. It seems piercing weapons make the best throwing weapons. Makes sense, but I didn’t think that would actually be taken into account in the game mechanics.

Huh; I’d had a bad experience with losing my Broadsword in a soldier ant at 10 ST, and thus far haven’t lost one at 11 IIRC. It’d be kinda neat to see a stat table on how often one loses one’s weapon at various ST/skill levels/weapons.

(To be clear: I don’t expect anyone to make such a table.)

Strength has some more non-combat uses than dex though, and the HP isn’t anything to sneeze at when you get dodge up and have an OK dex to begin with. That said I mostly take it to carry more junk with melee salvagers.

Also don’t a lot of combat cybernetics affect dodge rate, making it less reliable?

I generally play ranged chars and Dex is usually my lowest stat, the +3 you get to ranged with Per is just soo much better, higher Str for more health/carry weight is usually more useful for me.

I had no idea it affected dodge though.


with 2 rucksacks, backpacks, bags, purses, packs, vests, pants etcetc you can almost carry an entire tree. ok. not. but with a little bit of planning you can lug an insane amount albeit at lower speeds. but you can’t equip any dodge items. thats why dex is the thing. you just don’t get hit.

example… causing yourself a little nuquil addiction in case you spawn near some bees you can go out there with nothing but a spear and level dodge to 4 in 3 or 4 days. that’s with fast healer/fast learner and the peace of mind that comes from static spawn’s not having to be anywhere anytime soon.

if you luck out with a shovel and a tent you can bunker up (pits around the tent) near the bees and even wake-up with breakfast already delivered. try for a tent on your first run into town and visit farms for shovels, i seem to get lucky there a lot.

ok. bees. no, dex! it rocks. you hit and as long as you have 10 str they don’t hit you and you get to keep your spears. you don’t even need to take quick if you’re willing (using ahk and ‘=’ to define some letter standards for your self) to drop your non-core bits while killing brutes and hulks with spears. that’s not going to happen in the first week but its incredibly rewarding.

also like dezz said, having dodge and dex is being prepared for your future life as a cyborg :slight_smile:

just having a ball here…