Streaming Cataclysm Guide (with ttycast)

I’m not terribly interested in typing the most thorough guide right now, but I imagine through helping some people with questions it’ll sort of explain itself better and better.

I was wanting to stream Cataclysm so that my friends could watch, and the idea of streaming video seemed way unnecessary. So I looked around around for terminal streaming and stumbled on this one month old project, ttycast. It uses a handful of technologies to do some pretty awesome terminal streaming. In a nutshell, it uses ttyrec to record terminal activity, a terminal emulator,, all wrapped up in a npm package.

The instructions are all nicely listed on the README:


Install ttyrec. On Mac OS X, with Homebrew, you would do:

brew install ttyrec

On Ubuntu, you can do:

sudo apt-get install ttyrec

Note: The README assumed that you already had npm installed. It’s a node.js package manager. To install on Ubuntu you can use apt-get install npm, and on OS X you can use brew. For everything else, well, Google how to install npm or just build it from source.

Install ttycast:

npm install -g ttycast

Running (Broadcast & Record)

First, set your terminal to the size that you prefer to broadcast, then run the script:

ttyreccast outfile.tty

Open your browser and navigate to the server. You should see a blank black screen.


Then, open a new terminal of the same size and run this command:

reset && ttyrec /tmp/ttycast

You should see your terminal screen on the web browser now. Recorded output goes into outfile.tty.

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Also I’ll check this out as I’m considering writing a new starters’ guide myself-- I’ll probably post it tomorrow.