Strategies for losing zombies in the night?

Sometimes it’s hard to lose zombies in the night, seems they are able to smell you and follow you around pretty well.

How do you break their “line of smell” ?

PS: I have Light Footed, so I assume they are following my by smell.

Throw a radio. I think they go for noise first.

It goes Sight>Scent>Noise actually.

BUT In my opinion, sight is horribly broken, so 99% of the time, its just because as it stand right now, zombies can see to pretty much the edge of the lightmap, or like… 3 map tiles away.

No it’s Sight>Sound>Smell. If it hasn’t been changed.

I lose them by running into the front of a house closing the front door as I enter, take a quick peek for anything valuable, then open a back window and leave that way. By the time the zombies get through all the doors I’m long gone and my scent dissipated.

Don’t forget to close windows after you, gives you an extra turn or so.

How is scent now darkling?

[quote=“The Darkling Wolf, post:6, topic:302”]Don’t forget to close windows after you, gives you an extra turn or so.[/quote]Like 2 more I think.
Also, any stragglers that somehow got ahead to you will be slightly damaged too.

Unloading bottles of petrol over the window and setting fire to it works well too :slight_smile:

Oh! isn’t teargas also pretty nice for completely severing off a crowd from you?