Steel Bolt recipe for crossbows?

Using a small edit of metal arrow shafts atm to construct steel bolts that is similar convention wise to wooden bolts. I would love to see an appropriately balanced recipe for it added to the game when time permits:
“result” : “bolt_steel”,
“category” : “CC_AMMO”,
“skill_pri” : “mechanics”,
“skill_sec” : “archery”,
“difficulty” : 5,
“time” : 5000,
“reversible” : false,
“autolearn” : true,
“tools” : [
[“hacksaw”, -1],
[“toolset”, -1]
[“rock”, -1],
[“primitive_hammer”, -1],
[“hammer”, -1],
[“hatchet”, -1],
[“toolset”, -1]
“components” : [
[“scrap”, 6],
[“steel_chunk”, 2]

We just need more options in general for crossbow bolts. Fletched, not fletched, incendiary, steel, fire-hardened, etc.

Since bolts are IMHO smaller than ordinary arrows, can we consider creating them from bones?
Since the steel ones rarely break, these would be the opposite end-of-scale, shattering in the victim’s body?

They are shorter but of similar mass, and can be much more massive than longbow arrows when you get into particularly high draw weights like the siege crossbow thing that we have. That said, you can already make bone arrowheads. Furthermore, a crossbow bolt shaft made of bone is firmly in the realm of fantasy and has, to my knowledge, never been done. If you google it and all you get is runescape references…

Well, Runescape & Dwarf Fortress. Also, there’s apparently a carbon crossbow bolt called a “Bone Crusher”…