Starting without shoes and axe?

I’ve selected lumberjack as a starting profession but I spawn without axe and shoes.
I was starting without shoes on some previous spawn with a different profession too, is it normal now?
This is on latest stable win/tiles.

I had something similar happen with not spawning with the folding bicycle as a cyclist. I think it is some sort of bug as opposed to anything intentional. I’d say just hack yourself in the stuff you’re missing.

the shoeless lumberjack is intentional, he doesn’t need an axe because cuts down trees with his fists.

He just got back from the dojo so he’s not wearing shoes.

Possibly it was just my mistake of highlighting lumberjack but not actually selecting it. It seams that the first guy in the list doesn’t have shoes.

I’ve not been able to replicate this.

It might be related to you having mutations that change certain things.

Possibly if you start with talons (e.g.) you don’t receive a pair of shoes.
Also, if you’re albino it might be possible you don’t receive something different.
Those are more assuomptions, though.
But you could check, if you started with any unusual mutations that might have caused this.