Something is hurting you

I keep getting the message that somthing is hurting me, i am nto bleeding or infected or anything but keep getting this message for seemingly no reason.

Parasites maybe? Try taking some anti-parasite medication.

If that doesn’t work then it would help to know what exact body part is taking damage.

What’s the exact text message?

I am fairly sure its ouch something hurts you are you sure you want to continue X, I am not sure what body part is or is not taking damage, as far as I can tell none of the health meters are going down and the @ screen does not indicate anything but paid.

For me the most common cause of that is smoke inhalation or an illness, or carrying weight over limit (“overloaded”) - those inflict pain now and again over time, so the message shows up. I think malfunctioning bionics can cause it too, I’m pretty sure I had it happen in a Malfunctioning Cyborg start. Could it have been one of those things, or did you possibly have any other condition that would inflict pain? Not all of them show up in the @ screen…

not that i can think of, do fat zombies/bloated zombies cause this? if so there needs to be a “clean self” smoke inhalation usually has a, you cough

no bionics, not over loaded, no known illness.

usually it’s a parasite that does that.

how does one get a parasite and how do you get rid of it?

Eating uncooked meats, some uncooked veggies. Parasites come with improperly prepared food. Maybe from unclean water? Not sure on that one. You need antiparasitic drugs. I think there might be some nature-y recipe too, like mugwort oil? Someone else will have to fill in the gaps for me on how to craft that.

Wild vegetables and unclean water usually. You can get rid of it with mugwort oil, bark tea and antiparasitic drugs, as well as with the omnipotent royal jelly.

Datura seeds are used to make the drug. It’s fairly low survival too I think,

the issues appears to have vanished on its own after a day or so.

I wonder if you were dealing with ambient radiation?

the more I play, the more it seems to be combat related, the issue went away on my current character and then came back right after fighting a few zeds, I ushally have to spend a lot of time hitting N to pass time when doing almost anything. I have not been eating any raw fruit mostly crafted food.

once again no indication of bleeding or infection.

You’re not standing in a pool of acid, are you?

Honestly unless you are willing to put up a save on media fire or another similar site while the problem is occurring there’s not much more we can do for you here.

further testing seems to indicate this maybe temperature related, remove my boots/winter coat seems to resolve this.

Did you check your status screen?
Was any bodypart other colour than green?