Something broke in the Mutations menu

Started a new game, fresh install, lab start. Opened up the mutations menu and now it will not close, not with Esc, q, Q, or Space. Adding a local keybinding to the menu also does nothing. Gotta wonder how this one managed to break.

Please mention the game version you’re playing on.

Note that “newest” or “latest” might be misleading, as there might be a definition difference between the download page on the website, GitHub and the third party launcher, and the game also updates every few hours.

You may find the game version here:

  • In the main menu at the start of the game,
  • if you’ve loaded into a world, press [ESC] → Debug Menu[i]nfoGenerate game [r]eport and paste the clipboard here,
  • in the window name,
  • in the directory name where the executable is placed in.

twenty characters

Can confirm this bug in 7dc394a / 2022-01-04-1142 for Windows 64-Bit with default mods and keybindings on Windows 7 64-Bit.

Further testing reveals that this does not only affect the quit key, but all menu control keys (aside from “assign keybindings” and up/down).
If a menu control key is pressed, instead of doing the assigned action it switches between “active” and “passive” mutations.

Pressing a to a mutation assigned key shows intended behavior.