Pain and damage decreasing morale

Pain is painful. And it can be very discouraging to see that your arms and legs have been cut up, bitten, shot, crushed, and broken. I have an idea:

Every 5 pain = -1 morale (1 pain = -1 morale would be too much in my opinion, and just 50 pain will stop you from crafting.) e.g. 55 pain = -11 morale.
Every | of hp gone = -2 morale (I think it is a good compromise between depressing you for taking 5 damage and not doing anything at all.) e.g. ||… head hp = -6 morale.

Pain is VERY unpleasant. It is way more unpleasant than seeing your body damaged to the point of near-death, because pain is a feeling, and a damaged body is just a sight. It’s nearly impossible to suffer pain without taking damage, and completely impossible to take damage without suffering pain (unless you take pain resistant trait which is awesome). Having a damaged body is part of feeling pain, so I think they both go hand in hand and when listed under the morale infobox, should be listed under one cause - suffering. e.g. Suffering -30

I believe it is important to strike a balance between extremely punishing (-200 morale for 20 pain) and ineffectual (-1 morale for 200 pain). It shouldn’t be a main feature of the game (don’t take any damage at all or become really sad), but it shouldn’t be a background annoyance that does nearly nothing. In my head, I think pain and damage decreasing morale should be a minor feature of the game that will affect your experience if you neglect it, but not by too much.

Pain already drops all the stats that morale would, except for the no-craft thing.

Pain already reduces speed which is WAY more important than morale. Speed isn’t just about movement or combat it’s about everything. The items to reduce pain ALSO reduce speed, albeit not to the same extent as pain itself. I hate to criticize an idea without a well reasoned argument against it but this is probably overkill. Unmanaged pain is pretty much already death in this game.

Too painful/distracted to craft anything.

Better excuse than being wet or unhappy.

It does feel weird having your character be more upset that he ate a lemon and he’s wet than that his entire body has been chewed up to varying degrees by monsters.

To be fair I have never visited New England so I have no idea what rain there is like. However if a character getting wet is enough to stop them from reading or making something say a towel then I’m usually more inclined to call them a cry baby than a survivor.

Im inclined to agree that the effects of rain on morale are a bit OP, but without any kind of preparation, being soaking wet is a sizable distraction. Just not to the point of being unable to cook the only food you have.

Makes me wonder what your character feels about taking a shower.

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Actually really happy, provided you remove your clothing first and don’t actually wear something that feels like a sloshing cocoon of wet rags.

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Here right now mate. I can tell you that it does NOT ever rain as much as it does in the game. Plus if we had a more realistic healing system, we would not all be Wolverine from X-Men >_<

I still think a slow realistic time frame to heal is good. Using instant items for healing, coupled with sleep for instant healing = terrible system. Anything other than a stimpack to force your body to heal should just be a modifier in the healing process like real life healing.

the problem is healing at a rate any where near realistic could leave you out of action for a week between each battle. maybe you can have a mod that lowers healing rate, but the main game has a proper balance of combat and down time.

Ummm…no. It doesn’t. Think about it this way. If you really had to heal over 4-7 in game days. This is not only manageable, but realistic at the same time. The fact that everyone plays the game like a friggin ninja straight of of rambo school with bazookas is what makes the game unrealistic. The whole game idea is this question “What would YOU do?”. Seriously, make a character and ask that question. If you just kung-fu and piss metal and become godly…well that wasn’t the aim of the game and just never sat well with me =/

if you play with hordes on then slow healing would kill you very fast as you need to kill things constantly.

But then your gameplay changes to do less stupid things. In other words, DON’T be Rick from the walking dead by trotting into a city when you know darn well where herds culminate. Well…Rick didn’t, but YOU do lol XD

Plus having hordes on is also a choice of gameplay. Zoms will not always be in herds as that would not always be realistic.

I don’t think pain needs more penalties, even if it’s for the sake of realism, as it would damage a lot more the gameplay and the fun factor.

I think the reason survivors heal so fast is because the “blob” basically repairs your wounds in an accelerated manner. Either that or you have 14 day seasons and in all technicality a day of you resting is actually several days/weeks.