Random Scripted Events?

This is my first post, so p- please be gentle.

Anyways, after playing the game for quite a while now I’m quite aware that there are random event stuff already like those dead/zombified scientists along a few indiscernible horrors and accompanying dead/zedified soldier squad and also there’s that helicopter crash/APC wreckage and a whole lot others of the like.

What about random NPC events?

Seeing as NPCs are still mostly patched up, I know this suggestion will be a bit far-fetched, but what if there were random scripted events like a survivor with either a flop melee or an empty firearm zipping around towns/forests/wide stretches of road screaming help while being chased by a random number of zeds? What about a pair of NPCs that may or may not be related (I know there’s no family tree stuff yet, got used to Dwarf Fortress) that are holed up on a well fortified shelter like a cabin or a mansion that are constantly interacting in a sense that they say affectionate stuff in the message log (You know what screw this, it’ll probably end up like “It is inevitable” “It is terrifying”). Also what about two NPCs where one is infected and the other one has a random roll of whether or not to put the other guy out of his misery with accompanying dramatic dialogues like in the movies then go sulking around the place of death while having a somber dialogue tone when conversing with the player. Soldier NPCs around a barricade with a few survivors behind them? A suicidal NPC who shoots himself/herself when the player gets near but not close? A squad of soldiers who set camp innawoods near a heavily infested town and one with a radio calls in for a mortar barrage and a few moments later two-three small craters replace the townscape?

I realize that most of these are probably a bit unreachable at the moment but what I’m getting at is that I hope someday there’s a small chance when you’re in a hospital and you hear banging on a door that has furniture blocking it along with a human corpse beside and lo and behold there’s a survivor inside who’s frail, sickly and apparently the son/daughter/relative/patient of the said corpse. There’s a note in the corpse’s inventory and it reads something like “If you’re reading this please help and protect…”. Also there may or may not be food inside.

(Re-reading through all that gives me a slight pain. You can probably never guess how many times I’ve deleted this and contemplated posting this.)

Those ideas are really good and flavourful!

Whether they’re actually implementable I have no idea, but a good numbers could also just be static NPCs similar to the refugee camp, that we already have. I am thinking a “special” hospital, that is no different from a regular one, but there’s a static NPC that needs your help in one of the rooms.

Although having everything purely randomly defined is probably more satisfying for long-term players.

This sounds like a really fun idea; I certainly wouldn’t mind finding these in the game.

Wait, there’s that?

Yes, and it’s about only place where you can find Utility Light terrain. Which is a permanent light source.