[SOLVED](a)pply on dropped items - What determines pick up into Inv or leave on ground?

I noticed that there’s difference between (a)pplying items that are on the ground. Some of them my character picks up, but some of them my character leaves on the floor.

What is it in the code that determines whether an item will go into the inventory vs staying on the ground?

For example, when a filled or lit charcoal kiln is on the ground, (a) will cause them to stay on the ground. In contrast, a gelatinous blob will be picked up from the Blaze Mod will be picked up.when (a)pplied.

The reason I am asking is for QoL. Sometimes my character has to (a)ctivate loads of items on the ground, and if the item is one that is picked up, my character has to stop every so often to drop stuff from the inventory because it’s full.

This is on the Stable E release.

Almost certainly the "flags": [ "ALLOWS_REMOTE_USE" ] in the json file.

Without it, you’ll automatically pick up whatever you [a]ctivate.

Thanks, I’ll go and test this out!

Confirmed, it is that tag. Thanks a bunch :smiley:

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