Small Exploit

Recently I went to build a makeshift bed out of a blanket which i crafted earlier for 35 rags. After sleeping I woke up and disassembled the bed. To my surprise, after disassembling it, I obtained 38 rags instead of 35.

Just a small little exploit i came across. Nothing game breaking. Just thought I should give you guys a heads up.

I am indeed using the latest build of the SDL as of 12:00 EST today 6/14/15

Likewise, I recall disassembling a bunch of upgraded solar panels, and on the same spot I crafted them again, and in the end there was one or two extra amplifier circuits.

making short strings from 25 yarn and then disassembling it to 50 thread was even better, but they solved this one in the latest experimentals, might still work in the stable build though.