Sludge crawler tail causing time dilatation while in a vehicle

Just tried driving over a sludge crawler’s trail. Game “pauses” for a few seconds while it thinks then suddenly my vehicle has moved super far.

I’m guessing it’s supposed to be making it slip around, but if so it has the following issues:
A. The combat log is saying the sludge is thick and sticky and I struggle to pull free
B. My vehicle is NOT going out of control, its moving in a controlled manner at the same speed and direction as before (even when I hit it during a turn), it’s just as though I passed out for 15 seconds.
C. it only happens when the vehicle controls tile passes over the sludge trail, not the vehicle or the wheels

Can confirm this as well. Also, I ran over some sludge crawler slime while on a bridge when driving and the game crashed.