Skinned dogs not dropping hides on sucessful harvest

so for some reason there was a pack zombie dogs hiding in the evac basement (without surrounded turned on) and after I took care of them with my clown strength I set down to skin them to make some better shoes. However after the game saying “I good a skin” or other successful messages I don’t have any skins added to my inverntory. Checking the corpse says its been skinned but there is nothing on the ground either.
Am I missing something? Where should the skin have gone?

It appears than skinning zombie animals does not produce skin even though it says it’s been skinned. It’s a bug, assuming that this issue is still relevant.

I’m sure I’ve successfully skinned z-wolf (grim howler) and got something tainted in one of previous builds, and it was after april 14th. Not sure about name, was it tainted pelt or hide, I think it was the one related to fur, not leather.
And I agree with Bio, I’ve also observed behavior described in that bug on github (zombie dog skinning) in my game.

Yeah, I remember that zombie hulks used to drop a ton of hide, it sounds like something broke along the way.

sooooo any idea when that will be fixed? cause that seems like a pretty giant bug

I mean, with the feedback from this thread, I don’t know if it’s even the same bug.


I took a look at it. The zombie dog uses the standard zombie harvest, which is tainted meat, fat, bone, and apparently pheromone, though I’ve never seen such a thing.

You could change it to use the ‘zombie_fur’ group instead, (like the zombie wolf) which drops the same stuff but also tainted fur. Alternatively, you could make it ‘zombie_leather’ which would make it drop tainted leather instead.

It looks like this isn’t a cut and dry fix. I’m not sure what they WANT it to have. The fact that it doesn’t drop skin or fur seems like an oversight, but I’m not going to make a change when I don’t know which is appropriate.

Tainted hide was already an in game object. I haven’t gotten any in what feels like a long time.

Butchered an antlered horror pretty recently, it gave tainted hides. I don’t come across zombie animals frequently enough to know. They do still exist, though. EDIT: Or, I should say I skinned it. I didn’t actually butcher it.