Skills leveling up very fast

I’ve got 7424 Tiles on Windows. Is anyone else getting skills leveling up ridiculously fast lately?

I was making arm warmers/leg warmers and balaclavas to grind tailoring and it leveled up after only four or five of them. At 0% of level 2, I was going to make a duffel bag and it immediately leveled up to 3 after the attempt. This character had about 110 focus and 12 Intelligence.

After that I made tinder, a recipe from a mod that can grind survival from 1 to 2 and it leveled up after four attempts.

Is anyone else getting this?

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I can confirm this. 7413 is unaffected.

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What are your settings for skill training speed?

I didn’t reproduce it in 7424 - making duffel bag with 12 int character on level 2 tailoring only added 15%.

Same in 7414.

I didn’t change skill training speed from the default value. I just realized that I completely failed to mention that this character had the Fast Learner trait, though. I’ve used that trait dozens of times before and never seen numbers like this however; I debugged another test case, on 7425 this time, and every duffel bag was yielding 19-24% on Tailoring level 2. The instant level-up might have been a fluke, but those numbers are still quite high, much more so than they’ve ever been in the past with Fast Learner.

Edit: More examples. On 7426 now. Built a Self-Bow and Fire-Hardened Wooden Arrows. Fired nine arrows at a Fat Zombie using “Take Aim”, and Archery and Marksmanship leveled up from Level 0 at 0% to Level 1 at 34%. It’s never happened this fast before.