Since there's no stealth or "crouch" mechanic button what factors do add to detection?

So since there’s no way to toggle a stealth mode like running, what factors do contribute to detection besides loud noises? How much noise does a footstep make and does not moving make you invisible to “blind” mobs? how far can a person see you in the dark?

There is a crouching mechanic in the newer experimental versions. It is toggled with the " key, I believe, by default, which cycles through walk, run, and crouch. You can also bind those movement modes to their own keys.

In older versions, no, there wasn’t any mechanic and really not much you could do. If you could see them, they could mostly see you. It varied based on their sight. If you want exact numbers on a particular creature, you’ll have to find them in the game files. Blind mobs, as far as I’m aware, will detect you if you are adjacent to them.

Loud noises don’t have as much of an impact as you might think on enemy detection, sound seems to work as a ‘move in this general direction and then use your sight to find them’. Blind monsters dependent on hearing were virtually useless.

Scent also plays a role in how you are detected – the general rule is that the longer you’re in a place, the more likely it is that your scent/sounds will draw the enemy into spotting you visually.

Sight really is the most important aspect of enemies detecting you. As it should be.

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Does crouching have any meaningful impact aside from lowering movement noise? Or is it like adding a layer of darkness?
OR can I crouch behind counters in gas stations now owo

if you put you crosshair (cursor) on a tile with the peek function (default key x) you can see the cover % that tile give if it is between you and the mob, a % of 60 (or higher) means you are basically invisible for a mobs (take in account you can still be located if you were already being chased or by scent/sound)


Never noticed that, coooooolio

I hope someone will expand on stealth/crouching in the future; it seems kind of difficult to use at this point. It does help with creeping around houses during the day; regular windows have 60% coverage which means you generally won’t be spotted through a window while you’re crouching.

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