Should gun crit rates increase with damage?

Should guns that do more damage also have a higher chance of scoring a crit?

A crit is when you hit something that is immediatly vital to what ever you are shooting (brain, heart, spinal cord, major artery, longs…). Guns that do more damage also leave larger wounds (pistol shoot vs rifle shoot vs 50 cal shoot) so it would have a larger chance of damaging something vital.

I doubt using a higher caliber would significantly impact a shooter’s ability to hit vitals, but buckshot would definitely have a better chance due to it’s inherent spread and hollow point/expanding bullets are purposely designed to cause internal damage, so you could make a case for those. The actual projectile most guns fire just isn’t big enough to make a real difference based on size when it comes down to hitting these targets, it’s more about what properties/internal effects the bullet has

Much of the damage comes not from the bullet passing through but the energy that it has. When a bullet hits flesh it generates a shotwave that tear and damages the tissue surrounding it. That is why the size of the wound a rifle round generates is much greater than a pistol round eventhough the diameter of the bullets aren´t nessecerely much greater.

Exactly, take for example the .357 sig (9x22mm) and the 9x19mm parabellum. Even though they have the same diameter tey have different performance. Source

this isn’t exactly a great comparison considering there are 9x19 loads which achieve approximately the same performance as .357 SIG loads irl (source. the actual wound cavity is more affected by the properties of the projectile than the caliber, as hollow points and expanding projectiles have a tendency to mushroom out inside the body, which would increase the wound cavity more than using a conventional FMJ cartridge of a higher caliber. One example of this would be the 5.45x39 7N6 (FMJ-ish, it has a steel penetrator that isn’t very effective) round, which tumbles inside the target and thus has a higher effective area of effect and chance to hit vitals than the 7.62x39 M43 (also FMJ), which is very stable (only beginning to tumble beyond 10 inches of going through tissue) and thus having a lower effective chance of hitting vitals despite being a larger round. larger, more stable rounds would usually zip right through an unarmored target and thus would not transfer as much energy, so if anything gets a crit buff it should be expanding/tumbling rounds.
Besides, rounds with higher damage probably won’t need that extra crit chance except for some specific heavily armored living targets, which I haven’t seen many of.

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You’re absolutely right, Even though I knew about the example of the 7.62 vs the 5.45 it didn’t passed through my mind at the moment, so many thanks for you. I’ll have to admit that right now the current ballistic system is working fairly well for its purpose, and maybe it’s not a priority right now.