(Short)-Story Mode?

Should there be a story mode? Like having preset circumstances, preset Npcs actions and notes for story telling, and there can be community made stories, or stories (canon) that tells the origin of the Cataclysm… In example: we can make community stories like trusty_patches 's “Dresden incident”, which,as i understand, focuses around a “pissed-of-by-the-corrupted-corporation-until-insane” then demolish (pyro) the lab, then procede to kill every living thing in the zone, then discover some… Intrigueing facts: the origin of the cataclysm.
It can be coded like this:
Main character: Dresen
Profession: Bionic Firefighter
Bionics: job standard:air filtration, hydraulic muscles,…but lots of mk2 power system, starting with a hell lot of battery. Muscle aughment,wired reflex… And a must: uncanny dodge (in the story that man slaughtered a hell lot of soldier,armed and cops. Turrets too)
Mutation: Nah
Fire axe and fire-fighting tools
Firefighter suit

The story can start with him fighting a fire, and later then he found a note at home, saying his family was “quarantined(=dead)” in a "goo-contamination"
He then seek for revenge (after a night of thinking, descending into darkness)
He procede to create a makeshift flame thrower, make a few molotovs…
And then procede to the lab. He then battles with the lab security. Discover the truth, then kill the gob… And vanish. But he misses one canister…

Hope that is good!

"Dresen,what are you doing here?"
Security guard fires his M4 x8.
You are dead.

On serious note:scenarios focused on gunfights should give some ranged skill to main character.

Sorry, the name was Dresden, with a d.
And this guy is real good with throwing stuff. The original comic by truty_patches has a scence when he throw his axe, killing a guard. And scences of him berserking