Sheltered Survivor Scenario Points?

I’m not usually one to complain about things benefiting myself, but I notice something odd about point usage in the sheltered survivor.

the scenario Sheltered earns 3 points, limited to Survivor (+0) or Sheltered Survivor(-4)

Sheltered Survivor is similar to survivor, but has sweater instead of light jacket, and multitool instead of pocket knife, as well as having a point in tailoring, computers, cooking, mechanics, first aid, electronics, and construction.

Is the point add up really right? I get all this (plus being situated in an LMOE shelter that usually has flashlight, other tools, books, food, backpack, and guns+ammo?!) all for a net -1 point?

I guess it’s an ‘easy mode’ kind of setting? Thoughts?

That scenario also starts you months into the cataclysm, most of the food will have rotted, it’s winter now, and any changes to monsters will have progressed much further than the normal start.

IOW, no foraging for a season, it’s freezing outside, and significant amounts of woodland critters will be zombified, so they’re both much more aggressive and damaging, yet also inedible. Towns, should you make it there, will be full of rotten food and beverages. Fishing might work if you’re close to a river, but otherwise you’re going to be very hard up for the basic necessities of life.

Wow, never even relaized those things!