Sewer Dumping Possibility?

How easy/hard would it be to add the feature of dumping items into a manhole?

I just downed a few zombies near a manhole and thought about dumping the bodies into it to see if they stay down there when they revive.
I was hoping they would auto fall down to the z-level below, but they didn’t. Sad face.


Dumping things across Z levels would be neat. In the meantime you can haul stuff across Z boundaries if experimental Z levels is on so you could still dump those corpses in the sewer if you really wanted to.


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How do you haul across z-levels?
I’ve only known about grabbing items and moving up/down stairs.

You currently CAN dump things across z-levels. I do it all the time when clearing apartment towers. I drop them off the roof and balconies

can you give a more detailed explanation? i once tried that to drop the four 60l tanks found in the evac shelter roof, but i couldnt figure it out.

And i thnik it doesnt work on manholes since on the roof it count as an air tile, while on the manhole you can stand on it, so basically, a stair tile

I used the advanced inventory placement menu sometimes, to move the corpse from a tile on one side to the other.

Other times, when I could, I’d carry the body (essentially wielding it) and using the direction drop function.

And yes, the man hole tile doesn’t function as an air tile. But I wonder if it’d be possible to make it act as such if one were to move the manhole cover off the tile. Turning it into an air tile, which you could use to climb down if "E"xamined like a drainage pipe on a roof.

You just beat me to it.

I was about to go back in game and see if destroying the ladder on the level below would make a difference?
I dunno about air tiles, but I doubt removing the ladder will make it act as one.

It won’t act as one, you simply won’t be able to climb down again. The game will tell you that you’d have to jump with no way back up

I’m pretty sure the ladder works like an up/down stair so you can haul stuff using the \ key and then go up or down with < or > and the stack would stay under your feet the same as if you did that on a staircase.

Lemme know if I’m wrong about that tho

Yeah, ladders act like stairs in hauling items.

I was hoping to just dump items from street level so I wouldn’t need to actually go into the sewer with all the revived zombies.

Now I’m curious, is there a reason you wanted to collect revived zombies in the sewer? Just for funs or did you have a sinister plot in mind? I mean aside from seeing if they stay in there like you said in the first post.

I think it’s more of a curiosity thing.
Another option to dispose of stuff that turned into “I wonder what would happen if you keep dumping zombies in the sewer to revive”.