Semi truck redesign to be more accurate

When I was younger, I spent years in a big rig truck. I can tell you that they are NOT 6 tiles wide. More like 5 with the bed going all the way across the 3 tiles in the back with the trunk under the same three tiles and not nearly enough room to use up a whole tile separating the cab from the bedroom.

Also, the two trunk tiles in front of the rear tiles should instead occupy the same tiles as the bed. I’m going to try to diagram this out, but it’s been a long day so feel free to ask questions if something doesn’t look right.

       Tire-panel-engine stuff-panel-tire
 Mirror       -       windshield       -       Mirror

Tire-tire-frame/backup camera/beeper-tire-tire

Other than the changes I’ve shown and mentioned, everything elses placement is accurate after the semi is modified to a 5 tile vehicle

I’ll admit i know nothing about big rigs, but a quick google search seems to confirm this.

or i may have googled the wrong pics…

While the pictures in this link are unfortunately temporary and are of a day cab and not a sleeper cab, this is Muuuch more what most big rugs are like. The previously posted pics are more what the owner opperaters with half a million dollars get to live/work in.

This one is pretty accurate for designs as well.