Selfbow vs shortbow

So I was crafting my own bow today and I’m facing a choice here, which is better selfbow or shortbow?
Both require the same components but selfbow is easier to craft (0 difficulty). Comparing stats, the shortbow deals more damage and reload faster but has shorter range and bigger dispersion than the shortbow, also the selfbow weight more and take up more space than shortbow.

From what I can infer, the selfbow seems to be better overall than shortbow, but I’d like to hear others’ opinions on this. What do you think?

people seem to dislike the Selfbow, for whatver reason. I have yet to make a successful character with one either, since the crossbow is readily available

Yea, but the crossbow requires 3 points in mechanics, but we can only advance by 2 in char creation (which comes out as four when you’re done). Self bow does more damage, but the short bow doesn’t require much strength.

Pick Wanna-be Mechanic, then you can get 3 points in Mechanics at start for only 2 points in Char Creation. Also, if you’re willing to spend the extra points, you can totally up it to like 4

Or you can lure a zombie across a crossbow trap and get a free steel bolt to start with.

I don’t think the selfbow is fit for combat, the ranged is really low and the reload is slow

I like the shortbow better

Even with a average or below average strength character, I’d count on throwing rocks before rather than rely on a self/short bow for killing things bigger than a squirrel.

Most of the time you can make a longbow which does considerably does more damage and make better arrows.

Dispersion and reload time. You may have an extra point of range with the self bow, but you will miss more.

Chances are that early game will take more than a handful of shots to kill a Z and the 10 point difference in reload can add up to a few more squares of breathing room as you retreat with the short bow.

Is Z move around 120? If so, 3 moves (at 100 speed yourself) will get you a free shot with the short, but self would take 4 squares of move (or 3.5, but you can’t move .5 of a square). You can imagine the differences in the bows as you plot that graph out in your head where the short bow gives you more shots over more time as you use it.

You will fire the short bow enough before your next upgrade that there will be a difference.

Edit: Actually, that brings up a thought. Is the moves per attack applied when you fire a bow also? If so the self bow is 135 and the short is 94 giving even more reason to use it over the self. These little easily calculated situations help me decide the tougher ones like which rifle to use for single-targets in a field or what smg to use around a corner in a city.