Segfault / freeze when using filter in V-menu

In V-menu, I open the filter, type anything in it. Enter. Segfault. Sometimes the game freezes instead.

Doesn’t seem to happen when there’s only a few items around.

Build 0.B-2741 / version ad5116c.

This crash’s nearly guaranteed when there’s a lot of items around. Like, try to smash a whole car and then call V-menu. You’ll surely get a freeze and crash thereafter. That will repeat as long as there’re too many items in the range.

OzoneH3 is on top of it: just running a few more tests before the fix gets merged. Thanks for reporting.

Smashed a car, killed off 162 zeds, no crash with either BUT I’m running debug builds. If folks could try 2744 or 2745 and let us know, please, that’d help.

Playing 2745 today. I use filters in V-menu a lot and so far they work fine.