Seeking Guidance as a Beginner

Hello everyone,

I am a first-year university student, currently studying computer science. I have previously created a turn-based strategy game using Python, so I have a strong interest in this type of game. Although my programming and technical knowledge are still quite basic at the moment, I am very eager to delve deeper into this project.

My main areas of interest lie in understanding how certain core features of CDDA are implemented. How do tilesets work in the game? What is the logic behind enemy actions?

I have already explored the code and doc for CDDA on GitHub, but due to the project’s immense scale, I find it somewhat challenging to get started. I would appreciate any guidance you can provide, such as specific files or code sections worth focusing on to understand the mentioned functionalities. What are the key programming concepts and skills required for developing such games? Are there recommended learning paths or resources for beginners like me?

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

If you wanted to develop a game like CDDA from the ground up? Try about 2,000 contributors from all sorts of disciplines and knowledge, including C++ and python, and then take slightly over a decade putting it all together. It is not a game that could be made by one person, and whatever you are hoping to do… is best learned from somewhere dedicated to learning, not asking a forum for CDDA.

Actually, my intention is not to independently develop a game similar to that. I’m just interested in understanding the mechanics behind the tilesets and enemy AI in CDDA.I think I got the answer I wanted.Anyway, thank you for your response.

From how I see it, the logic behind enemy AI is a complete mess that somehow works. I have also been making small scale roguelikes. As it turns out, a complete mess is ok as long as it works.