RV Shower

In stable 0.9 both smelly and very smelly are traits. Why not make clean and fresh smelling traits? Obtainable through showers or whatever?

Smelly and very smelly refer to your natural scent, the one that dogs can pick up.
And making it a trait would mean you could mutate clean… :confused:

You could probably get those “fresh” and “very fresh” anti smelling traits if you mutated into a vegetable.
Or maybe a plant.
Oh wait.
Is there anything in nature that is anti-smelling?

Taking a bath makes you smell like soap anyways.
You might attract survivors?

+1 to the taking a shower giving a small morale boost.
-1000 to not taking a shower giving a morale hit.

Maybe some other “realism” things in the game should be balanced out first before giving it more realism.

EDIT: i haves not goood gremmers

[quote=“Rekozg”]Tracking dirtiness could be a tracked internally with a number like hunger and thirst, but instead of showing up as a ‘meter’, it could put taunting messages every so often to encourage you to shower.
[tt]You are clean, and smell like fresh daisies. Good job![/tt]
[tt]Your dirtiness level has increased! A wet dog smells better than you.[/tt]
[tt]Your dirtiness level has increased! You smell like a pile of rotten fish in a trash compactor![/tt]
[tt]Your dirtiness level has reached critical! You can’t tell anymore where the filth ends and your skin begins.[/tt]
[tt]You just don’t even care anymore.[/tt]

Also being dirty should increase the chance for every injury to become an infection, so there would be some other motivation to keep yourself clean.[/quote]

Y’know what this smells of?

And Dwarf fortress. Urist McMason Has bathed recently. He has enjoyed some nice wine recently. He admired a xXTattered Cave Spider Silk SockXx recently.
He has witnessed the deaths of his friends, cats, wife and children.

Trauma? Bitch please.