RV kitchens

How do they work? i attached one to my car. Also dose it also count as a roof? I dont want to die to acid rain…

RV Kitchens also count as a roof, yes.

To use the RV Kitchen, the car needs to have a storage battery, and for maximum benefit, a water tank.

And, uh… when it has those things, what exactly does it do? Is it just a glorified refrigerator…?

I think it can be used in place of a fire for cooking.

I think.

It ate 2 jerycans full of water…AND ITS STILL EMPTY. Bugged, glitch? I will find out after attempting it couple hundred moar times…

I think the storage cap for water tanks is 1000, so after two plastic jerry cans it should still show as empty; 2 steel jerry cans should just make it tip over.