RV kitchen unit

Can sbd. please tell me how the RV kitchen unit works? If I 'e’xamine it it asks me if I wanna have a drink and if I try to cook food next to it, it isn’t listed as a tool (like hotplate or fire) and thus I can’t cook… ;/

Looking at it that might actually be broken, in which case thanks for bringing it to our attention!

The unit has all the basic tools incorporated, so the appropriate cooking tools will be green on the recipe menu if you’re close to it. The hotplate in the RV unit needs charges. That requires a storage battery installed on the vehicle with at least some charges added to it (batteries or solar panel).

If you want water you need another tank installed too, iirc.

Ok, thanks everybody… I was just derp and had no power storage installed… Now everything works the way it should. Thx guys :slight_smile: