Runtime Error Crashes

Win 10
Most recent Experimental at the time.
Mods (c/p from mods.json):

I have had a couple of these types of errors lately: lately.

The first time( was when trying to open a small storage locker, which was full of enemies apparently. If I ignored the error it would crash my PC, causing a buzzing sound and having to press reset on my tower to get it to stop and restart the PC.
If I hit abort it would just crash the game, but not my PC.
I ended up just teleporting in with the ProbTravelCBM ( and continue just fine. All of the lockers say that I am opening them at first, which they aren’t, so I have to use the winch twice to actually open it… not sure if that’s related or not.
This happened 2 days ago.

Then today I got the first picture I posted. . When I hit Shift +M while having Character selected in the auto-pickup screen. I was going to move something from character to global, two items actually , I moved one and when I tried to move the second it crashed with the error in the first pic of this post. So TL;DR I hit SHIFT+M two times in succession, and then got the error/crash.

I was getting this error ( a few days back when loading my save, and went into Extra Buildings and reduced a couple of the “occurrences” of a couple of buildings, I believe it was just 2 story motels from [3,5] to [0,5]. Not sure if that could have something to do with it.

I also am just having crashes sometimes with no in game error or anything, just “cataclysmtiles.exe has stopped working” after the option of waiting for it to respond or closing the program and choosing the latter.

Hope this isn’t too much for one post, but figured the run time error was something that should be reported. Thanks for all the hard work to everyone who contributes!

edit: forgot to add how I got the error today