Ruined Buildings

I was reading up on the front of the wiki for this, and it mentions the Cataclysm being destructive and destroying so much of humanity, but what I am curious about is why there is so little damage to the world? Most places inside cities look like they’re pristine condition except for being looted. I would imagine that some people would stay behind in their houses and stores to try and hold out, and have their building wrecked by zombies. It seems as though the only places that there is any real damage is the craters and the occasional wreckage. I would at least be fine with windows being broken occasionally by zombies who were trying to kill someone, but more of the sort of a frame of humanity attempted to hold out with furniture moved to block things, broken windows and broken two by fours around the windows.

Agreed. In houses there used to be random rubble, broken windows and other such things in the original Darkling Wolf mod, but they’re gone now for some reason. I think that they should be added in again.

And vehicles lodged in buildings. It happened around me when I hit a traffic jam.


Maybe some random damage can be done after the map is generated?