Pre-Generated (or Procedurally Generated) Destruction

Well, it has been 5 days since ZDay, after all.

Im suggesting that either contributors consider adding ‘pre-designed’ versions of their building/structures that feature some destruction or we implement a way/chance for a building to be partiall destroyed in a random fashion. Like putting a car through a house, or having it burnned down when we happen across it.

I dont wish for the majority of structures to feature heavy damage, just looking for a way to spice up the world more.

Chaos should be the norm in my opinion, some buildings should be on fire, many windows broken, many a dead body laying around,shell casings in some capacity. The apocalypse just occurred for goodness sakes!

Yeah, that would be interesting. Buildings with only the walls still standing, burned husks, buildings with cars halfway through, everything that happens to buildings when they spend time near a survivor.

something like vehicles, where intact ones are very rare, should apply to houses as well :wink:

I’m also thinking most doors shouldn’t be locked. People didn’t all make preparations and have the time to calmly walk outside and lock the door behind them. At the very least, that would show that things happened in a rush and add to the chaos. Doors open, doors shut but unlocked, doors that are jammed and can’t be open, doors wedged shut with bits of metal or a crowbar or something…

I have some ideas:

  • Upon world generation, or upon entering the reality bubble, have an explosion take place inside 5% of the buildings. An explosion large enough to cause structural damage.
  • 5% of the spawned vehicles could be sent/smashed against the closest building at a simulated speed of 80mph. (In cities only)
  • For 5% of the buildings, have 1-4 of their wall tiles smashed. (In cities only).
  • Have a 20% chance of spawning rubble pile next to an auto-smashed wall tile.
  • Have 5% of the buildings looted. Looted, in this case, means that 50-90% of the furniture and loot are removed soon after spawning.
  • Have 5% of all building doors and windows smashed by default.
  • Have a 0.1% chance (per indoor tile) of spawning splintered wood, two-by-fours and their burnt versions. (In cities only)
  • Have 5% of the furniture items smashed to pieces by default.
  • Have random messages written on some floor/ground tiles, using the same mechanic that enables the player write on the ground with a marker. Also, refer to survivor notes.
  • Burning barrels, or possibly braziers, could be placed here and there indoors.
  • More litter on the streets. Flyers, newspapers, wrappers, empty tin cans, etc.
  • Add various spent shell casings on the ground everywhere, in groups of 1-30 of the same caliber.

All or any of the above should be inflicted upon the world in a carefully considered order, just to avoid conflicts and unnecessary cumulative damage.

Civilian loot corpses, like the drug deals and army corpses but, they spawn low-tier items. Bandages, varying basic/makeshift melee weapons, food, low-calibre guns & ammunition. Random junk items like: cellphones, lighters, flash lights, batteries, etc.

I would definitely feel horrified to see a human corpse on the ground next to a wrecked car with the door open.