Rough Start and things aren't looking up

New sacrifice, started quite a ways out in the woods, with Triffid to the west, Fungus to the east and an anthill to the southwest for flavor. I get lucky, the npc joins me. 2 steps out the shelter and we’re dodging soldier ants while Trevor picks a fight with some fungal zombies.
After setting him straight, we book it out of there and lose everything in the trees. There’s a road heading north out of this hellish warzone so we head that way.

About 10 screens up, I’m feeling pretty good and just laid on the 8 key, headed north. I didn’t notice when the bandit popped up on the map, I should really start using safemode again.
My first clue was the 3 gunshots to my torso, somehow I survived those and the 2 parting gifts as I dodge behind Trevor. Sorry bud, I’m a survivor and you got hit with the shitty traits stick…I make it to the treeline. Trevor…doesn’t make it. The bandit chases me for a little while, shooting me twice more. They never miss! What gives? Eventually, I continue north, paying much better attention to the map and compass.

West of me, I spy a Survivor Encampment and decide to roll the dice, hoping for a shack full of friendly badasses who don’t mind me stripping them down to their underwear for their gear. Instead, I hear gunshots and tearing metal as I approach, which quickly fade to silence.

Crouching against the wall, I crank open the palisade gate and peek around the corner.

That’s not a sea of friendly faces…

edit: I noped out of there and soon found the tiniest little 4 house town. I lured out most of the zombies one by one, then it got dark. I was starving, so I decided to do some sneaking around. I opened a door and got a face full of hazy gas, causing me to stumble around puking for awhile. In the midst of one of those episodes, I got ambushed by 2 bandits and shot to death. Another one bites the dust.
The final moments of Ami Shipman
(On a side note, I’m using the CSSoundpack…women’s death sounds are mildly pornographic. I’m just saying…)

Nice story!

Sorry for that. Right now my soundpack is based on CDDA soundpack. I just changed the music and I’m in the works to change progressively all the sounds to make them all Creative Commons or Public Domain, but I havn’t already changed the death sounds. Will try to do it for my next version :slight_smile:


I hadn’t heard that sound effect before, I assumed it was new. I’ve always used chesthole, but it’s ‘music’ is pretty dull. I really enjoy having a soundtrack to my cataclysm, thank you.

If you’re still working on things, could you make the deaf sound effect less ear piercing? It usually plays for quite awhile and can get grating. I like immersion, but making my head hurt is too much lol.

P.S. I’m digging the new forum editor.

Cool! It’s a real pleasure to know my music selection please someone :slight_smile:

Sure! I’m making this right away, sir!