Road Maps and tourist maps

It may just be me, but is anyone else experiencing a bug where the road maps and tourist maps don’t add anything to your in game map? I’ve read them during the day, at night, nadda. I don’t get a error message, so…

I don’t know, I searched the forums using “maps” as the key word and couldn’t find anything going all the way back to Nov. and didn’t see anything.

Happened to me before.
It probably added something to your map, but very far away (because the city wasn’t near you). Try moving around in your map.

Depending on where you are it might just not be adding stuff near you. It’s rare but it happens. Moreso if you mess with city size and spacing.

City size and spacing is at 11 and 7. I’ve read multiple maps, all name “Hampden yadda yadda” and nothing. Tourist maps, road maps, restaurant guides, finally found the town though by chance.

Maps are revealing locations around city they were spawned in - see

I found the town later, after reading 5 maps. But nothing was revealed there either. Nor anywhere around it. No roads, no buildings, nadda. I happened across the town on accident. It was weird and I had never seen that happen before.

Guess it’s just me.

Found out what may have happened. Because the town that the map was named for was literally only four buildings, the map showed the next town over. Even though the names were different.

This thread can be deleted. Nothing to see here, move along B-)

I just tried it and came up with the same problem, intermittently. In my Testworld I jumped to a nearby town and wished up a road map, and it worked perfectly. Then I popped open my longest-running game (Rob Keys) and wished up a road map for the massive town of Aina that he’s currently parked in, and it did nothing. The roads run up to the edge of the fog-of-war and stop.

I don’t think it’s the “four building” thing happening. It’s possible it’s getting the wrong town, but the next town is quite a ways. If I had to guess, maybe there’s more than one town named Aina? His map is colossal and there are a lot of repeated town names. I don’t have time to scroll through the whole thing and check though.

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Found a possible source of the problem. The maps are consistently showing details that are multiple days worth of traveling to my East. Everytime.