Rising Sun not recognizing my Katanas?

Just like it says on the tin: I have two katanas that I’ve looted from a local pawn shop, and in that same run into town I got the Internal Combustion Fundamentals book. Excited to finally bring my dream of being a chitin-wearing, flame-katana wielding, zombie-mulching death machine to fruition, I raced home and prepared all my materials, remarking upon my good fortune.

Except, the recipe won’t recognize that I have the katanas.

I have everything else. Leather patches, small pressurized tank, etc, etc… but it just won’t let me craft it; the katana requirement stays red. Any ideas on what might be wrong? Are there different ‘kinds’ of katanas?

I haven’t gotten one in a while, but last I checked there were several different variants of katana all named the same. Some of them were made with low-quality materials, and some were just replicas. Either way, everything except the authentic katana were less effective in combat and probably don’t have the same IDs, so they can’t be used for the same recipes. I believe the description will tell you which ones you have.

I think the authentic ones will have their material listed as steel, and the others low-quality steel or something to that effect. There might also be something in the item’s description telling you it’s a replica.

Is it possible you have one of the “fake” katanas? Check the description, if it says anything about it being “blunt” or “poorly made” then it’s essentially a cheap, replica katana or a wall hanger.

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Oh, I’ll be damned. “Budget Steel”. Thank you for this - I would have never thought to check something like that.

Never ran into this problem due to me always making my own before ever running into a fake one, but I can imagine it to be frustrating. Usually the fake ones are in pawn shops and museums for some reason, but you can get lucky to get a nice one in those very same places.

Yeah; I’d make my own if I could, but I’ve had dirt luck getting Fabrication books. Only midgrade stuff, and I’m already trained up to 11. Feels pretty not great, as you might imagine.

Try raiding labs, or mansions. Libraries too, obviously. I usually get lucky for books in those places.

I’ll keep it in mind! I’ve found a mansion a day’s drive away from my base; it’s infested with wasps and some real nasty Z’s, but if it’s got stuff worth looting, I’ll take a look into it.

If you have any labs nearby that you’re prepared to hit, The Swords of the Samurai is a fairly common spawn in lab libraries, as far as my experience goes.
Never mind, Sticker beat me to it. Shows what I get for not reading before posting.

That’s alright, it’s good advice. The two labs I’ve entered lacked said book, though one had a library behind a locked terminal. Still contemplating how to get in.

Pickaxe or jackhammer is generally the go to if you don’t have the required computer skill, iirc it also spawns in school libraries.

Ahh, that makes sense! Thanks!