Retractable Rollerblades/Bionic Rollerblades

I love carrying around a pair for extra roadspeed. Nothing quite like spearing zeds from skates (although I could see it making attacks and not just dodges awkward). Would it make sense to get a variety that retracts into “normal” sneakers/boots that is activateable via a? With smaller wheels maybe the speed bonuses/penalties are reduced. While we’re at it would powered/unpowered cbms for wheels make sense? They may require bare feet, unless they are retractable from the leg.

Nice idea! A great first post, btw.

Rollerblades/skates need a nerf first.

It doesn’t make a sense for them to make someone 2x as fast without penalties.
It should be a big hit to ranged accuracy, big hit to melee attack time (including reach attack) and that speed bonus should just reduce stamina drain for sprint.
Rollerblades aren’t faster than sprinting IRL, just less tiring at same speed.

Hence why it was rolled into the suggestion. I do think I’d like to see the idea expanded on more. Could be cool if it maybe even let you steer like a car with momentum and apply other actions in motion albeit at displayed (known without resorting to source) penalties.

I could still see powered bionic options giving you equivalent or more speed or unpowered being retractable but equivalent to the gear.

reminds me of those sneakers with the retractable wheel that were popular for a year when I was in high school and the teachers banning them and trying to force kids parents to buy shoes without wheels.