Repeated out of bounds add_vehicle error +crash

Happened to me twice in a short time now, not sure what causes it. No mods.

DEBUG : Out of bounds add_vehicle t=none d=0 p=101,133,0

FUNCTION : vehicle* map::add_vehicle(const vproto_id&, const tripoint&, int, int, int, bool)
FILE : src/mapgen.cpp
LINE : 7121

MESSAGE: SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault

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Does this happen to you when you do something specific? I seem to get it only when I try to construct something.

This is a known issue that I’m trying to resolve at the moment. If you have save files which can reproduce the bug without too much difficulty, I’d be very glad if you could put them on the issue.

Note: it’s easy to put files on a github post: zip your save, and drag and drop it on your answer post on github.

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